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BANGKOK 18 December 2018 03:10

Best Fishing Park ?

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Staying in Pattaya and Bangkok. I was thinking of going to castaway in Pattaya but not sure yet. Also when in Bangkok I was thinking Bungsamran as I've heard great reviews and huge fish but it's pretty expensive also another spot I was looking at was Jurassic mountain park in petchaturi, can anyone recommend this place ? It's nearly same distance as it is to bungsamran. Please any recommendations would be great. It's my first visit to Thailand 

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Ummm I hate to burst your bubble but Bungsamran, even at the farang price, is still cheaper than Jurassic or Gillhams. There are also differences with bait methods and presentation although neither place allows you to bring outside bait (you must buy the bait at the venue). 


Jurassic doesnt allow outsiders to bring their own rods and rigs without prior permission, but at Bungsamran you can bring almost any rig you want as long as youre targeting Catfish and Carp species (predatory species are a different story there). The Arapaima arent included in the initial price at BSR, thats a 20,000 baht story right there. 


I think Jurassic alligns itself with some UK Carp fishing association or something like that

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