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BANGKOK 19 December 2018 02:24

Thai man who bottled female tourist apologizes to society and Koh Phangan - she's gone to Dubai

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Thai man who bottled female tourist apologizes to society and Koh Phangan - she's gone to Dubai



Picture: Thai Rath


The pharmacy worker who smashed a bottle over the head of a female Portuguese tourist has apologized.


But he didn't say sorry to the victim. He blamed the tourist and her friend for starting it and said today that anyone who had seen the full story would have come to their own conclusions about their behavior.


And he asked netizens to stop commenting about his parents as that was hurtful.


After the provincial police chief Maj Gen Apichart Bunsrirot ordered some action the local police on Koh Pangan charged Jakkrit Jantasorn, 29 from Chiang Rai and another pharmacy worker Pitiphat Sangkhaha from Pattalung with assault.


Jakkrit smashed the bottle over the tourist's head while Pitiphat held on to her.


No word was made on the penalty indicating that the matter is likely to go to court though that was not reported in the Thai Rath story.


Thai Rath said that Jakkrit told police that three times he requested the tourists to move away from the shop. Finally he threatened to throw water at them.


Jakkrit said one tourist went for his mate and things escalated from there. He admitted he had gone over the top but he had lost his temper and could not control his emotions.


In his statement he said: "I would like to apologize to society and the people of Koh Pangan.


"If you saw what happened from the start you would draw your own conclusions about the behavior of the tourists".


The woman who was bottled left Koh Pangan after the Full Moon Party without making a report to police.


The cops said she boarded a plane in Phuket bound for Dubai.


Earlier it was reported that she did not pay her bill for stitches given to her at a clinic on Koh Pangan.


Jakkrit added that he had been of good character in the five years he has worked at the pharmacy.


He asked posters on social media to save their comments for him and not have a go at his mother and father as this was hurtful.


Source: Thai Rath


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-08-29
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Posted (edited)

Same old story.  Thais aren't used to confrontational behaviour so when faced with it they have no experience in controlling themselves.


In this instance the tourists probably instigated it.

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