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BANGKOK 18 October 2018 21:04

Does my school owe me a partial refund?

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In Pattaya, immigration gives ED schools and students 2 options: Attend 4 days per week at regular cost, verified by police visits. Or pay 5,000 baht every 3 months to basically stay in Thailand without any attendance requirements. It has been this way for at least 3 years.


I wrapped up advanced Thai and began Chinese lessons this year. However, Vientiane rejected my visa application. The cause was that the school put me down for advanced thai (again). Their excuse during an emergency call was "they used to allow this but The vientiane Thai consulate got stricter about that just yesterday."


Hard for me to believe, I think the paperwork filler either filled the papers wrong, or they wanted to list more students taking Thai due to teacher credentialing (They have way more Thai class times, and I think only 1 Chinese class). Most likely the paperwork filer just mistakenly put advanced Thai since that seems to fit the facts the best.


The current plan now is for me to come home on a tourist visa. The school will then reapply for a 1 year ED, this time actually Chinese.


This paperwork error has cost me 2 extra days in Vientiane and another 4,000 baht (in missed and rush flight tickets, accommodation and food). I have an unpaid balance of 6,000 baht to the school for the 1 year ED Visa.


Would you guys request that the school eat my costs, or is that considered out of line in a circumstance like this?


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42 minutes ago, milwaukeeboy said:

It doesn't matter if they owe it to you. They will not give it to you. TIT.


Hard for them to give back something that they have not yet received! As mentioned I am out about 4,000 baht and my balance to them is 6,000 baht.

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, jackdd said:

Then pay them 2000 and tell them you keep 4000 for your extra expenses caused by them. Report back how they reacted


Sounds high risk to do it in a forceful way like that. They do have heavy involvement in the visa process.


Doesn't look like this has come up for anyone else. At this point I'm thinking about just mentioning it casually and not putting up a fight if they object.

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