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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 05:03

What's the point of so much power?

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Recently I saw a nice looking sports bike. I looked it up and found out it has more than 200HP. More than two hundred!

What is the point of having so much power on the streets, especially in Thailand?

I understand that bikes should be fun and should have some power. But isn't 100HP or less more than enough?

The most powerful bike I had had about 65HP. After a few seconds of acceleration it wasn't advisable to get any faster.

With 100 or 150 or more power it's maybe 4 seconds instead of 6. But that's about it.

Once I was pillion rider on a 100HP GPZ on the German Autobahn. 2xx km/h was more than enough. I don't think I want to try 280 even on a perfect road.

Today I saw a video about a 150HP bike with lots of electronics. And the guy who tested it explained that all that electronic is basically necessary to control all that power. Otherwise (almost) nobody would be able to control it.

So what's the point of so much power?

What is your experience?

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post-7852-0-53018800-1467734027_thumb.jpg57ff89c5d4d73_Babeonabike.jpg.bbc02e9f4ad5b6a69582e10117dd5521.jpg... because we are riders, we will always push it to our own limit and fun levels...

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32 minutes ago, guzzi850m2 said:

Power is king and addictive.


I somehow managed to keep my V650 (also app 65hp) and leave it at that and it can easily ride the Mae Hong Son as well.


I think the risk of getting into trouble increases if you ride a very powerful bike as 75% of the people riding them will go faster than they would on a more modest bike. 

Further I read about one guy that sold his 1000cc sports bike and got himself an app 65hp bike for same reason and wrote that he found it fun to ride this modest bike to the limit which he never could on the almost 200hp sports bike.

Much depends on the person, age and so on.

Get your point some but I think this way, the thing is that a modern expensive Z10, CBR, R1, BM, GSXR 1000 cc bike 200 hp or 140 hp at the crank will have many safety feature and be easier to ride than a modest bike, lighter too.


Personally I'm old school don't like em with all the safety crap on em, give me something like a K5 Suzuki anytime. ?



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I think my cbr 929 had around 140hp? It was fun, but it was too much for me. Especially in the city. I wanted to join the 300km/h club but only got it up to 260km/h ONE time...


I have a son now so I don’t ride like I used to. 650cc is enough for me and I can have just as much fun riding a scooter to be honest... 

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7 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

If people want to buy and ride these bikes that is fine with me. I started this thread to better understand why people do it. My intention was not and is not to say something bad about them. If they like it they should do it.


Except from racing where it really counts who is fastest I think riding bikes is about having fun and sometimes getting from A to B. Is more power always more fun? I don't know. I remember once the wind shield from my sports bike was broken so I rode it without that shied for a few kilometer. At that time 100km/h felt like 140 (or something like that). My conclusion from that was that the fun counts and not the speed. Now I have a naked bike which feels fast even with 100km/h...


I remember long time ago I read an interview with the rally driver Walter Röhrl. The interviewer asked him how he felt about driving within the speed limit of 100km/h in his home country Austria. Röhrl replied something like: It depends on the car. It's boring with a sport cars but it's a challenge with a VW Bus (Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter).

I think I would tend to agree, the most fun I have had riding bikes is trail bikes and smaller road bikes, the least fun would be when a mate talked me into buying a big cruiser, it was boring, like riding a lounge chair around.

I have lots more fun pushing a smaller bike to its limit, applying skills to ride it well, take the right line through a corner, shift your weight, select appropriate gear, get power to the ground without loosing control etc, lots of fun. 


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