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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 00:54

Xiaomi Pocophone

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LazMall just got in stock in the blue color 6/64 Poco and is selling them for 9,990 baht ($303.65) with speedy free shipping.  Yesterday GearBest apparently had the red 6/64 Poco in stock but today I'm not sure GearBest has any Pocos in stock as they say "ship between Dec 12 - Dec 15" on their site which is not such a good deal.
The Lasaer store at Lazada no longer is listing the 6/128 Poco for 10,248 baht.  K-SMART at Lazada has one Red Poco 6/128 in stock for 11,790 and LazMall still has the Armoured Limited Edition Poco in stock which is the longest they have had it in stock yet and it's 12,990 baht.
"Think globally and act locally", as the expression goes, I would recommend Lazada for people buying the Poco.  They have them in black, blue, red, and Kevlar at good prices.
I have bought a number of phones from AliExpress and the delivery time is never speedy and can be rather slow.  While tracking my purchase it will say, "has left Country of origin" for a week, (which makes me wonder if the freight plane will crash due to lack of fuel).  LazMall by comparison, gets the phone in your hands in more like two days.
I use AliExpress for phones by Cubot or Meizu (oops, didn't check Lazada there on the my Meizu 16th order).  For phones which Lazada have in stock I usually go with them, however one Poster said that Shopee usually is about 400 baht less than Lazada.  I have never used Shopee but I went to their site and they do have some phones at a very good price.

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4 hours ago, Henryford said:

And how much will Thai customs add on?

You'd have to check with Thai customs if you really want to know.


My last 2 shipments have had zero fees, both sent by local mail.

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