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Hat Yai Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

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Weekend of 22nd-24th September will be the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Hat Yai will have three days of street market and celebrations. They're busy constructing a large Chinese lantern on the junction of Thamnoonvithee and Nipatutid 3, looks like they'll shut the traffic out for a few blocks to set up the market stalls and event stages.  Never sure how these things will be, some years they're busy, other years it's a wash out. But I do like durian mooncakes.

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Went along with the family last night.  Quite busy, lots of food stalls, there was a stage with performances from local schools, I think there was a band appearing later but we only stayed for an hour walking round the various stalls. Nice evening.


Hat Yai Autumn Festival 01.jpg

Hat Yai Autumn Festival 02.jpg

Hat Yai Autumn Festival 03.jpg

Hat Yai Autumn Festival 04.jpg

Hat Yai Autumn Festival 05.jpg

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