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Land Rover repair and restoration Bangkok

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I have a Series 3 Land Rover LWB and am looking for reliable repair shops (body, electric and mechanical) in Bangkok preferably someone who either specializes in Land Rovers, classic cars or at least who has a passion for Land Rovers. Could anyone recommend such a place? Thanks.

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Auto Craft is one of the high end classic car restoration shops, but I don't know if they do trucks. They may be able to point you in the right direction though, and their shop is always incredible to see.

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If you are a Facebook user and can read Thai or have a partner who can, there is a group "Land Rover Owners Club of Thailand."  No doubt someone there can steer you in the right direction. Meanwhile, if you have specific questions about the S3 I might be able to help, though I'm more familiar with 88" 


S3 wiring you say? You'll almost certainly need some of this then ?





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