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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 13:29

Trouble with Bangkok bank wire to Canada

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On Tuesday I wired money from a Bangkok bank branch to my Canadian account.


The money is still not there. When I wired in the past from my bank account in Beijing it was there the next day (MAYBE 2 days).


I have no idea what the logistics of this are.....


Any personal experiences with how long a Bangkok bank overseas wire usually takes?


Would it be advisable to go to the BB branch or to contact my Canadian bank if this money is still not there in a couple more days?


Since I am leaving Bangkok at the end of the month and I am not a BB customer (I came in with the cash to wire) I am a little concerned.


Thanks in advance.

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A quick call to the (sending) Bank may resolve your concerns.If they claim its all done get any reference and call the Canadian side with said references. 2 -3 banking days (dont forget to allow for time difference too) is usually the norm.

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