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BANGKOK 17 October 2018 05:50

Australian / Thai health insurance

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Does anyone have any great deals / suggestions for both Australian and Thai health cover?


I'm an Australian citizen, in my 30's, been here 5yrs on travel insurance, likely to stay here a while longer, but have recently realised that long term travel insurance is not that safe.


At the moment my top 2 options seem to be: 

- International cover through Bupa, or AXA, etc.

- Australian policy (suspended after the first year) with a separate additional Thai domestic policy.


Have you worked something out that you'd recommend?

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Can you explain why you also need Australian cover? Are you no longer covered under Medicare, or other reason?


And also do you go back to Oz each year and for how long (i.e. how long in Thailand vs Oz most years)?


This will   help me figure out what your needs are.


There aren't any Thai domestic policies per se. There are policies issued by Thailand based companies as opposed to issued by countries based elsewhere but most policies will cover you worldwide, or worldwide except specific places. (up to the insured amount, of course, which if it is a Thai issued policy will be too low to be of much use in the West).



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I'm still covered under medicare, however my wife is not (filipino).  I am now looking for a policy for both of us.


I'm thinking about Australian cover for myself for 2 reasons. 1) I don't want a gap in cover if I return to Australia to live (no waiting periods again). 2) I am interested in elective surgery (private) to fix a sinus issue.


For me, my main concern is emergency medical, lifetime policy, covered for driving/riding on a Thai license, and the fore-mentioned elective sinus surgery.

For my wife, same emergency cover + pregnancy after any waiting periods.


Thanks Sheryl

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Cigna Global policies cover worldwide except US so would serve to cover you in both Thailand and Oz.

Expat insurance policies pretty much by defintion will not cover you in your home country so even though some, like Cigna Glibal, offer worldwide coverage I don't think that can include your country of citizenship except for emergencies during short term visits. You could contact Cigna and ask about this but that's my impression.

In addition no insurer will cover the sinus op since it is a pre-existing condition.

As it sounds like you do not plan a return to Oz in the immediate future you would probably do best to just get an expat policy to cover you in Thailand (and anywhere else you travel to).

Given your young age suggest looking at David Shield.

Then when you are ready to return to Oz look into a supplemental private insurance policy for thete

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