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BANGKOK 17 October 2018 05:29

Release child custody to the father

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4 hours ago, Sheryl said:

Actually fathers travelling with their own children, absent the mother, DO get questioned and do need a letter from the mother. At least if travelling out of the country. They are concerned re possible parental abduction etc.

Isn't that only for Thai national children..?

We have however recently had a few posts about it, Thai national child/girl with Thai passport travelling abroad with alien father only, but seems like no questions are asked – including my own experience twice – especially if the child has same family name as the father.


You can have a letter with permission from the local amphor, but the mother need to be present and give permission – talk form experience, but rules might be different in other areas – and I furthermore think that it's only issued if it's Thai nationals, i.e. child and mother.

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On 10/3/2018 at 7:14 AM, ubonjoe said:

Immigration has no requirement for you prove you custody or the mother's consent for her to get for a an extension of stay based upon your extension as a member of your family.

Only their birth certificate proving she is your child is needed.

that's correct, I am in same situation and got visa for child without too many questions besides birth certificate

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I always give my wife a letter allowing her to travel to Thailand with our son. They both have Thai and UK passports. I include a copy of my passport with my letter. 

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