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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 05:26

Money stuck in Bank of America

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Apparently and hopefully your money was not disbursed yet.  If the lady you spoke to was not able to help you, then you need to call back and insist on eleveation.  elevation is the common term used when the default working drones can not or will not do anything else.  You must get a manager or managers.  Getting ID verified when one is locked out can be tedious but there are provisions.  You may have to proved notarized copies and letters of your birth certificate, your USA Driver license or current passport.  I had a similar issue with Etrade once where they for some reason gave me crap about doubting who I was.  I had no absences or anything, they just were being difficult for some reason.  I eventually apparently by yelling loud enough on the phone got the matter closed as I was not going to go through a paper chase.  Just some ideas

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