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BANGKOK 20 October 2018 05:57

Teacher with 15,000 baht salary asks: You tell me how I can live on that?

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"There is the rent, food, cost of fuel, the commitment to her father and sending other kids in the family to school.

Then there is building a house for the family. 
How on earth do you expect me to stay out of debt, she laments. 
She said her salary would go up 1,500 baht a year but that was hardly going to make ends meet. "
a few thoughts:
in Europe/West, no wonder many leaves with the parents, at least early working years. not always bcos that is their dream to do, but bcos that is what their economics afford.
one cant be responsible to sending all other family kids to school, anyway, teacher's kid often enjoy free ride here. and government school isnt that pricey. how those working at the gas station should live, or 7/11, or the guard at her very school??
as a young teacher, the commitment to his father is a nice phrase, but the "old man" likely should be in his mid 40's, likely capable to work. before she became a teacher, the family managed, should not be worst that she can take care of her own.
the food. well, cooking isnt fashionable here, however, at 50thb a dish, she should be done with that from approx 150thb a day, not that teachers pay in the school for their plate. no michelin star, no pizza delivery 3 times a week, but still wont need to collect ants, frogs, kratin. many does.
the rent. a decent fully furnished condo room i rent, is 8000thb/month, enough for a single person, included the utilities ( no aircon used) and way better than average thai style accommodation. it would be steep, but on countryside we rent a thai style house next to local main road for 3000thb/m + utility... take a median between the rural house and the city condo with gym and pool....5000thb....33% salary....usually deemed doable in the west.
the fuel. likely jumped in the first 0% interest for teacher red number neighbor impressing sexiest nissan march that was offered. or mazda 2.
probably she isnt a math teacher, not that they count a lot better when it comes to financials. but hey, did you see the neighbor's face?
building a family house. really? where did the family live the past years? suddenly that cant do any longer? 
the truth is, a beginning teacher is one of a million same here, and that is how much she earns. a good 2x more than a tesco worker, or a restaurant help.
once she find her somchai/prince charming, together may be cheaper to rent, eat ( is she learns to cook). she is considered a catch afterall.
or the least she considers herself a catch. she is a teacher!! synonym to hiso, in her mind.
change profession. 
last i checked cutting rice pays bellow the minimum salary in our area, and sugarcane isnt any better. else she get talent, and can sing, kareoke may pay better. (ah-ah, oh-oh.)
welcome to the real world. may take some time, but she will learn eventually she is lot better off than many others, less fortunate.
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Give me a visit, you will get a tip !

And anyway, when renting a 2000 thb room and eating dirty Thai food, you will still have 10000 to save monthly !



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