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BANGKOK 11 December 2018 05:45
bangkok blue

BA TESOL Siam Technology College

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Now that this course has been going a few years, does anyone have any experience of actually finishing it and subsequently gaining employment at a school, with a work permit?

It says it is fully recognised my MOE, but are there any official documents from this governing body confirming that this is 100% the case?

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You might check with the TCT directly.  A couple of Thai teachers at my school deal with them directly, so I have never had to call them, but I understand that they do have some English speaking staff.

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It's the TCT you need to be concerned with. Schools and MoL won't care.


I don't think MoE approval is difficult. They just certify you are a school. No magic. Being approved is no guarantee that the school will be accepted by TCT. You are applying for interim full professional license when you get a waiver


Can't be worse than a Filipino school. Not one has a QS rating, University of Manila might be exception.


The TCT definitely has a number and they can scare up someone who speaks English but are you really going to bank on that?! At very least visit and ask all the questions you need. Too bad the school can't provide you with answers. Hmmmm



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