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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 23:40
Jonathan Fairfield

British Embassy Bangkok to Stop Certification of Income Letters

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Posted (edited)
33 minutes ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

The link is in Thai and very slow to open or does not open at all.

The site does not have a time stamp, so can't say whether is has been revised or is new.


What I find interesting that under documents there is proof of income required like pension, interest etc. (point 3. in the last section).

But there is no mention of an income letter from embassy.


Was this income letter mentioned in previous orders/policies?

I simply don't know.

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I bet the rest will follow, this is most likely a request by the Thais to scrutinize the monthly income.


Knowing a few Brits who did the two bank money transfer scam - transfer funds from bank A to bank b account or from the wife's account monthly and showing the Embassy they have the "income".

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