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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 19:30

I Lost 7 Kgs

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This is old news for many but for me it's something new:


In recent years of living in Thailand my weight had started to increase, as it did so I adjusted my diet and got as much as exercise as I could. Along with the weight gain my blood sugar and cholesterol also started to increase. Eventually, I hit 87 kgs which is not where I wanted it to be and nothing I did would bring that weight down.


Then I spent three months in the UK where it was frequently quite cold, approaching 4 degrees at times, pretty soon my weight started to drop and by the time I returned to Thailand three months later I was 7 kgs lighter - my blood tests before I left the UK showed some of the best results I've seen for years.


So was it exercise, life style, diet or temperature that caused all of this? It's true I did exercise more but my diet was without any restrictions whatsoever and I frequently indulged in deserts and foods that I would never consider in Thailand because they were so calorie dense. For me the answer very clearly is the temperature, the body burns fat when it's cold and medical science agrees.


People wanting to lose weight should try it, it's very rewarding.,




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You are right, temperature mainly caused that. Actually it is your metabolism which is affect by temperature. But during your living in Thailand your metabolism is also affected by some other factors such as more sugar in food (as you mentioned), probably more alcohol and party with buffet (for many, not maybe for you) and the lack of exercise under a high temperature. Once you've been in England you metabolism increased and start to burn the fat.

Now the trick is how to live in Thailand and keep fit 🙂

In my opinion and long experience on the field of weight management, and for living in Thailand for more than 10 years, I can say that once you change country with very different temperature you also have to adjust your diet. Example, if you observe the way traditional Thais people are eating (in the country side) they stay fit because they eat several times per day but in small amount, the they keep a high level of metabolism function. But this is not only about the frequency and the quantity but also about what they eat! Any Thai people who eat the western junk food, and having additionally their traditional very sweet thai dessert will put on weight very fast indeed.

So in short, we also have to change our mind a bit, eating more often but less quantity (having intermittent fasting is very useful) and decrease all our western food such as meat, carbs and pastries, as well as fizzy drinks or any kind of refined sugars products.

PS: I'm not here to advertise my health business, just react to your post and comment my opinion. I'm also here to offer help to those who want to increase health through a better nutrition.




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welp, i hate freezing and i hate starving too,

to further complicate things i also can not walk more than a few minutes a day, or even stand up, so i resort to DNP,

it sux ass to sweat like that, but it also sux ass to be fat

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