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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 07:57

British Embassy update on Income verification letters

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Taken from another media source. A 20 minute interview with the British Embassy posted this morning. Seems that things were never as clear cut as everybody thought regarding foreign income coming into a THAI bank account.


''Fabulous 103fm EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with British embassy...

As the British embassy clarifies the fact that provided you have an income, you wont have a problem with your Visa application. British embassy Head of department explains why they have stopped issuing letters for pensions BUT the news that you CAN use your pension to get approved without having a huge amount in the bank''.


It appears to address income coming into Thailand to a Thai bank account.
Indeed the Embassy is saying that Thai immigration have stated they have NEVER needed this letter for funds entering Thailand into a THAI bank account and 12 months bank statements from a THAI BANK would of and will suffice. From what i can see, she is correct tha...t the Thai immigration website makes no reference to this letter being needed.
The issue, at least for Brits of having income NOT entering Thailand, appears to be solved. It's over and not an option once these letters stop.
There will only be 2 options. 800k for 3 months in a Thai bank account for extension renewals or 2 months for first time applicants.
A minimum of 65k into a THAI bank account per month with 12 months of the proceeding years bank statements.
As they say, don't shoot the messenger or expect a response from Immigration as there rules haven't changed.



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Tommy Dee's interview has already been posted on the long running thread on the issue, and has been the subject of much discussion.


We don't really need it on another, so I'll close this one.


You can continue here 








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