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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 17:58

Address in Thailand

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I have never tried The British Embassy but remember that five years ago, the IO whom I approached at Jeang Wattana was uncooperative In providing verification of my address which made it necessary for me to use the help of a policeman friend of a friend at the Transport Dept. In order to renew my driving licence.

Renewal is due again this year and I am told by Thai friends who know the trouble it brings that 90 day reporting makes address confirmation superfluous and they conclude that the reason for it is to extort money so the best way to overcome this hurdle is to offer 1000Bt. in plain language.

I don’t relish the thought of the British Embassy because the impression I get is that it has abdicated most of its roles and is probably staffed by Thai people rendering it no better than the Transport Dept.

I may be completely wrong so I post in the hope that renewal of the licence has become more practical since last I did it, does anyone have any advice to give?



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You can get a certificate of residence at Chaeng Wattana immigration if you are doing 90 day reports to them. You pay a fee of 200 baht that includes sending it to you by EMS in about 3 weeks.

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Yello book is probably more than I need since I am only a vistor for five months per year.
Thanks ubonjoe, it would seem that things have indeed improved. The waiting period reminds me of Suan Plu, the reason for that was that a policeman would come round and verify that the applicant was living at the address given, I wasn't aware that it happened, if indeed it did.
I shall take your advice in that and pop in when I feel in the mood.

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