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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 18:23

Need to hire a van or pickup truck in Pattaya

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Hi Pattaya members,


I have returned after spending the Summer at home in the UK. All my belongings and my motorcycle are at my GF's family home and I need to rent a suitably sized vehicle to drive up there and collect it all.


I have seen a few shops at night in South Pattaya and taken their numbers but I have no prices to compare. I am looking for good recommendations and some idea of a fair price (Not a tourist price obviously) as I have been here a couple of years on Non Immigrant type "O" visa.


Its a bit too far to drive up and back in a single day so I'm looking at 2 days hire now plus a night in a hotel so its all getting a bit "EXy" . 


Once I know get some info , I can start planning the "MISSION" 🙄


Thank you in advance for any useful or helpful information and advice .



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