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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 17:51

TM30 when immigration closed

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I passed through immigration (at Suvannaphum) on Friday evening (12 Oct). I got to where I stay in Chonburi around 9pm on Friday.


Immigration is usually not open on a Saturday, is never open on a Sunday and will be closed on Mon 15th Oct.


If I go to do a TM30 on Tue 16 Oct (4 days after arriving) at Jomtien, how will they view my reporting? Will a fine of 1600 Baht be in the offing despite it being the first opportunity to report? It will be mad busy too but I have no choice.


(I have to do a TM30 as I plan to extend my permission to stay and Jomtien won't process extensions of tourist visas without a TM30 report and receipt slip as proof.)

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Yes, it all went fine. Immigration was unsurprisingly very busy after the long weekend. The TM30 counter (counter 10) was particularly busy. They had upped the number of staff from 2 to 3. I don't know if this is just for busy periods like today. The non-uniformed (intern??) with the glasses had gone. This also probably sped things up as she checked everything and rejected many people in the past. The uniformed replacements spent all of 10 seconds checking the supporting documents (rental contract, owner's I.D., etc) and then stamp, stamp, stamp, scribble, rip, staple and you're all done in about 90 seconds, maybe less. Shows how important the procedure is. There were at least 40 ticket numbers issued for that desk before 8:45 so they needed to keep things moving. The queue was blocking the reception area.

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