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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 17:55
See Will

Kayak fishing around Pattaya

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Fishing is one of my favorite recreational sports when I am at home.


Unfortunately the favorite hot-spots like Lake Maprachan and Pluag Daeng seem to be over fished or you need a boat to get to the better spots.

I have all my life had Motorbikes which limits my transportation capacity but I am more and more considering to get myself a foldable Kayak.


Has anyone made already experiences with kayak Fishing around Pattaya and the Islands? 

It becomes in Europe a new trend and when look up the Prices for a Kayak that fits on a Motorbike we are for max 2500 $ in the game.

The Folbot Greenland (4 seater, 5.3m long) has even outriggers, rod holders and to support the laziness as sail is optional.

Seagoing and suitable to 1.5m wave height it seem to be an option.. 


has anyone tried already Kayak fishing in the Pattaya area and around the islands?  

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32 minutes ago, FritsSikkink said:

Should be fun in the rainy season with strong wind, current and big waves.

Lucky, when the raining season is we have the main season in the wind farms offshore. So for me it would be more use in the wintertime.

But when you check the kayak fisher around Scotland they have no fear 😉

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