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BANGKOK 19 October 2018 17:50
Rob 45

Assisted living options in/near Chiang Mai?

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Does anyone know which ones are good and what they cost?

At the near the top end (I'm guessing) is http://www.vivobene.co.th/en/gallery/ at up to 153,000 THB per month.  

I have not been able to find pricing info for http://www.careresortchiangmai.com and they did not respond to e-mails.


I read about Dok Kaew mentioned in some blog article but haven't been able to find any other information about them other than a very old thread here saying that it costs ~27,000 THB (seems too cheap...?).



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Check out these two documents from the website of LannaCareNet.org  This data was collect a couple years ago, but the prices haven't changed much in the past couple years.





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Also, a new serviced apartment, Wellness Residence, opened behind Central Airport Plaza that's very elder-friendly, with well-designed rooms and pull-cords in the bathrooms and bedrooms.  Very reasonable rates. On their website, they say they have 24 hour nurse call service, but there isn't a nurse onsite.  Rather they have 24 hour front desk people who come to investigate and if necessary, call an ambulance.  Meals, help with bathing, etc are not included but the owner is a doctor at Klaimor Hospital and can arrange for someone to hire assistance.  



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