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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 08:13

'Dark-skinned people' targeted in Thailand immigrant crackdown

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'Dark-skinned people' targeted in Thailand immigrant crackdown


BANGKOK: Allegedly aimed at busting visa abusers and illegal migrants, a Thai police operation called "X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner" has raised questions about racial profiling and fears for asylum-seekers caught in its web.


Tens of millions of tourists come to Thailand each year for the cheap living and postcard-perfect beaches, with some seeking out the seedier thrills of a bustling sex industry.


But as weak law enforcement, porous borders and corruption help make the country a hub for transnational crime, Thai authorities are intensifying Operation X-Ray - a programme that started about a year ago - with more than 1,000 people arrested in recent weeks, most for overstaying their visa.

Full story: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/thailand-immigration-dark-skinned-x-ray-outlaw-foreigner-10848930 


-- CHANNEL NEWSASIA 2018-10-22

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39 minutes ago, stanleycoin said:

you have not spent much time,  around the west coast of Africa then. :giggle:

Would appreciate if you could send a link to a site showing the statistics please for comparison purposes. 

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Suthep watch out !!
Oh no I just realized they mean only foreign criminals!

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