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BANGKOK 12 December 2018 13:29

Finally, a lightning rod for anger at misrule [Editorial]

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Nothing but a notion of passing fancy. 

Everyone needs to get in their 15 minute association, though, with mention and reference. 


Won't effect anything.

We'll have forgotten about the fanfare in a week or two. 


Falsehoods might apply.

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8 minutes ago, baboon said:

Try watching it. The lyrics are there. And don't forget to give it a 'like'...

I didn't watch it cause they will use the number of viewers to not getting arrested.


So those guys want the corruption back and thailand can get a few more us$-billionaires who spend that money abroad....maybe they hope that they'll be those ones themselves?


I'm happy with the junta, they only shouldn't buy submarines but invest it in hospitals or cleaning up soidogs or so....

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20 minutes ago, baboon said:

So you think it is fine for them to be arrested and prosecuted without even paying them the courtesy of hearing them out. No wonder you are a junta fanboi with an attitude like that...

And you seem to be a corruptionlover who thinks it's great to put BKK on fire.....no respect for that attitide from me.

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