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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 01:54
Jonathan Fairfield

Thai school kids perform awesome version of Back in Black by AC/DC

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Great job and how nice to hear Thais singing real music. I do grow so tired of song after song of slow sappy love gone bad.

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Not particularly wholesome, and is another example of the   negative influence of the west.  Encouraging this sort of thing can only lead to the evils yaba, internet gaming addiction, and inappropriate lifestyle choices etc.

The popular and beloved  Prime Minister of Thailand, as reported by Thailand's media, has emphasized the need for Thailand's youth to  exercise  clean living and discipline.  Here are some examples to follow;




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On 11/5/2018 at 6:54 AM, GTgrizzly said:

Wow some superstars is the making, they are awesome 

Perhaps to a 50+ year old man with his own view of things. However, to kids their age, not awesome. The sad reality is that they went through puberty, cracked their voices, got pimples and teeth braces etc., and haven't been doing very much. Thailand's teenagers prefer Rap, K-Pop, T-Pop, and J-Pop.

The takeaway is that these kid music groups can leave a  sad legacy because kids are not allowed to be kids. Big difference between  the garage band type of playing of kids, focused on fun and camaraderie ala Dave Grohl, and this sort of adult designed & manufactured product. 

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