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BANGKOK 17 January 2019 21:48

Surat Thani carries out raids to root out drug dealers

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Surat Thani carries out raids to root out drug dealers



Picture: Manager Online


SURAT THANI, 7 November 2018 (NNT) – Raids have been carried out across Surat Thani as part of an effort to eradicate narcotics from the province. 

Surat Thani Provincial Police, with support from the military, Region 8 Narcotics Prevention and Suppression agents and Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) agents, raided 23 targets under the “Protect the City of Virtue” campaign, seeking to eliminate sources of narcotics in the province. The total of 12 units sought to disrupt the cycle of narcotics distribution by arresting offenders and seizing their assets. 

The first raid in Bang Kung sub-district found only relatives of suspects but resulted in the seizure of several million baht in assets. 

The second took place at Garden Inn Hotel in Pun Pin district and resulted in the arrest of several accomplices of Prajakchai Woranich , who was able to escape. Firearms, ammunition and drug paraphernalia were seized from his hideout and the owner of the hotel has been brought in for questioning under suspicion of aiding and abetting the criminal. 

The third raid took place in Bang Madua sub-district and resulted in the arrest of Seri Chuaychana , a fugitive drug dealer, found with weapons, methamphetamines and bank accounts with balances of over 400 million baht.

-- nnt 2018-11-07
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9 hours ago, seahorse said:

Criminals make fortunes when drugs are illegal. 

Who said "Crime doesn't pay"?

It pays very well, not only for the criminals but also pays for the Judiciary, Police etc. :coffee1:

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