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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 08:15

Can a farang child attend a Thai government school?

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20 minutes ago, thailand49 said:

Whatever your reason for coming to Thailand and bringing your child I'm sure you have a good reason.

I'm sure someone is going to say our opinions are bashing Thais but every independent expert and outside expert will tell you the truth about the government education system here.

I will stick with this opinion and wish your family well and success but sending your kid to a government school unless your plan for your child to stay here and never return it will be going backward instead of forward which will put your child in a disadvantage for the rest of their lives even if you return to your own country they might not ever recover there is no course that he will be given that will ever be accepted by your own country academically thus setting them up in catch up mode.

Do whatever you can to get them into an International school do not put your head into the sand and think the educational system is like the West!


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16 hours ago, jak2002003 said:

Are you serious?  Sending the poor boy to some freaky Christian school.... and one for BOYS only!!!  Are you setting him up to get molested?!

I certainly wouldn't, but considering how busy those schools are they must be doing something right to appeal to the wealthier Thais. 

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I got my girl at Sarasas Ektra School, couldnt recommend it enough. but I live quite close to it....

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