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BANGKOK 14 November 2018 01:04

Child friendly moo baans in CM

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  I recall seeing something on this site a few years ago about local moo baans that might be good choices for people with children.  Ones that have playgrounds, swimming pools, and hopefully other kids to play with.  Can someone point me to that thread (if it exists) or give me any ideas which might be good choices in CM?  

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You will get much better answers if you state size required and budget...I know Home In the Park was highly regarded, but there always seems to be a few dogs chained, caged, or stray...  Also, give a general geographic area..

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Any location within 45 minutes of the Old City will suffice.  The traffic is pretty horrible in all directions these days.  I'm looking for a 3 bedroom house. 

 Most moo baans seem to have a variety of houses at various prices.  I'm interested in the names of specific children friendly moo baans so I can research their houses and prices.  I'm in no rush.

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