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BANGKOK 17 November 2018 07:37

Head unit.

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Hello, I should be buying a truck or car either this month or next. I listen almost strictly to FLAC files. I took my flash drive to a shop and they tested it to see which head units support my FLAC songs. The only ones that did were the local Thai brand priority. Does anyone have any knowledge about them? Like are they any good, are they reliable and dependable, how about the sound quality from them compared to like a Kenwood Pioneer or Alpine? Also if they are not worth buying or even if so does anyone know of any brands and models here that support FLAC files? I live in Mae Sai in CR but if need be can drive to BKK to get a head unit and installed. OF the cars I test drove the Mitshibushi Attrage supports it with the factory head unit. But I would prefer a truck for long-term use for both working, family, traveling, and moving. 

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My Pioneer X7850 plays FLAC. The original Alpine unit fitted by the factory didn't, nor did it have USB sockets, so I had it changed in Bangkok for around 6,000B which included providing and installing a fascia USB socket, and fitting a dashcam I bought elsewhere.


The X7850 also plays mp4 files which for me is more important as I generally listen to BBC radio downloads in that format. It also works with Spotify.


For me it works well and sounds good.

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