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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 23:28

Thailand falls further behind in English language skills

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Thailand falls further behind in English language skills


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1 hour ago, DrTuner said:

Thailand turned to China because they back up the Junta. The damage done will get worse and may take generations to fix, if ever. English language is one of the casualties.

Mai phen rai....

Best be brushing up on your Chinese linguistic skills.



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4 minutes ago, zzaa09 said:



Farang Fall Further Behind in Thai Language Skills.

To be expected.

Yes and i also don't care cause i have the money...if i don't like a place/shop/person i go elsewhere.


In a bakery today i put for 1500 baht of breads on the counter and wanted to pay...the employee asked something in thai (i do speak a littun thai) but i didn't understand what she asked. She had 5 collegues who also couldn't help.


I pointed at the breads and showed my wallet but she asked it again...(whatever it was). i showed her some thousands to make sure she understood it...then she started packing.

I guess she asked in thai if i wanted to buy all of that...yes of course, why else would i bring all that to the counter???


It's so frustrating if they can't speak english and i can't speak enough thai.



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