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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 01:17

Loading Bein Sports connect on an android box

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I was wondering whether anybody had some thoughts or advice on the following  :- 


(General)  Bein Sports connect does not run on Fire TV stick as it relies on google play services

1)   I do not want to load the google play services etc on to the Fire stick as last time I did this..some of the other Apps  (terrarium) at the time stopped working and others seemed to be a bit temperamental

2) Bought a Miracast stick  so that i could mirror my windows 10 laptop to the TV  -  however if the mirror drops , I then have to get back up to the laptop and restart the mirror. For some reason it seems to drop after about 20 mins.

3) Could attach through HDMI  (from laptop to tv)   but again I do not want to keep moving the laptop

Effectively I would like to press a button on a remote and bring up bein sports connect or any other app or website that requires google play services.

I therefore came up with the idea at looking at another cheap device  that has google play services for bein sports connect and load kodi on it .

I would like to add at this point i do not have a smart TV


The questions are as follows :

1) does anybody know why miracast keeps dropping out .............is it because its cheap  !!!

2)  Has anybody got any recommendations on a cheap secondary streaming device  - which will have google play services and allow me to play bein sports connect 




PS  I did look at the H96 plus pro..........which loads google chrome, so I am presuming it would have google play services etc as  well ??  maybe I am wrong  



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