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BANGKOK 13 November 2018 11:25

Visiting Thailand for short stays

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I have lived in Thailand for many years but recently moved to Cambodia. I would like to visit friends in Udon Thani from time to time but I'm uncertain as to the requirements for entering Thailand by air and getting the 30 day stamp. I need to know what is required at passport control at Bangkok airports and how many times per year, for example, would such visits be allowed. My visits to Thailand would be for a week or two each time. Advice appreciated.

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If you qualify for a 30 day visa exempt entry you only need your passport when you enter the country. But immigration can ask to see the equivalent of 10k baht in cash and a ticket out of the country within 30 days.

Whether you would have a problem would depend upon the frequency of the entries and the length of stay for each of them.

There are many people that are doing what you want to do without a problem.

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Thanks ubonjoe. May I ask whether there are any printed rules issued by immigration to firm up on the frequency and length of stay for each visit. Thanks again

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In my case i did 3x 30 days stamps at the airport within 12 month's. I extended each stay for another 30 days.

On my 4th trip i had a 10min. discussion with the Airport immigration. They said it was the last time ( i needed the 4th entry because i needed to wait for my ED visa ).


So at the end: 3 entries are okay, but not more within 12 month's. After this you need a "cool down" for 6 month's. 


After 3 entries with the 30 days stamp you could get maybe a normal tourist visa at an embassy outside of Thailand if you explain that you want to visit your friends for a few days/weeks.


PS: I found also this Answer -> https://travel.stackexchange.com/questions/88823/thailand-visa-exemption-any-rule-limiting-number-of-entries-per-year

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