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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 01:37

Urgent help. Child custody

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Hi guys

Cutting a long story short.

Married Thai wife long time ago when I lived in Thailand. We had a son. Now 11 years old. Then we moved to UK 6 years ago. Son has dual citizenship.  Valid UK passport. Expired thai passport. He speaks little to no no Thai.

Marriage broke down 5 months ago. Flew back to Thailand her request. Divorced at government office . She gave me custody. 

Son lives in UK with me (dad). She lives in Thailand. 

She now has a new farang atm machine. 

She has recently been asking for copy of sons English passport. No problem giving it to her. Not trying to be difficult. 

I've been told there is a plan afoot.  Either she intends to visit the UK with thoughts of taking son back to Thailand. Or using him as part of her Visa application to UK with new partner. 

Her life is hers so up to her. 

I am concerned as the only paperwork I have relating to the divorce and child custody are the Thai ones and there translated versions. 

Saw what I hope is a not very good lawyer who took a quick look and said they are no good as from Thailand. 

So effectively she can board a plane.  Ask to visit son. Get him a new passport. And off she goes.  Or even just not return him from any visit. 

Lawyer said I could try and go to court however she would be summonsed to appear and reply which effectively gives her all she needs to apply for a UK Visa.

Anyone know anything ?

Thai papers say I have sole parental rights(custody) and she can visit. but it seems that under UK law these papers may be of no use

Worried shes going to do a smash and grab 

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