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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 00:24

Thai Elite Visa

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I looked into this a few years ago and the way I understand it, you can work on it, but you would still need a work permit.

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A Thai Elite visa isn't a work-permit.  Just use google and take a look on their site ...


Elite Visa is categorized under Tourist Visa, which does not allow the holder to legally apply for a work permit to work in Thailand. The Non-Immigrant Visa must be cancelled before Privilege Entry Visa is validated.

33 minutes ago, mogandave said:

I stand corrected,,,

No you're not. You can't get a work-permit on a Elite Visa. You need to apply for a Non-B visa. It's all on their website.

From their website:


Member can apply for Non-B visa and work permit to work in Thailand and Elite visa will continue until its expiry date. Therefore, once member get Non-B visa then they have to use their Non-B visa only as per Thai law which allow to hold only one visa. Kindly be noted that visa & 90 day report is totally separate type. Member need to check for their validity both 90 day report & visa.


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