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BANGKOK 15 November 2018 00:16

Work permit cancellation..

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Hello guys...I was working in Thailand with work permit(Valid untill April2019) and I have my visa valid untill 28 June 2019. Also having multiple entry stamp on my passport untill June2019.I resign my job on 13 sept 2018 and on 15 September I left the country. I am sure my employer must have cancelled my work permit in end of the September to stop paying social fund to Thi government. My question is...My visa is still valid to enter in Thailand??? Kindly advice me please...Thank you so much.

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No it’s not. It is based on you being employed and should have been cancelled before you left.


That said, immigration will not know your employment has ended and would stamp in you again until June ‘19. 


I’m not recommending you do that just pointing out the reality. If you’re found out after re-entry you could have your permission to stay retrospectively cancelled, be on overstay, be prosecuted, deported and banned.

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