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BANGKOK 13 November 2018 11:58

Converting Non Imm O to retirement (Landlord documentation requirements)

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Hello everyone,


I am preparing to visit immigration in two weeks to convert my Non-O to an extension for retirement. The Non-O was issued in late August; I have a 90-day entry stamp on Oct. 4 that extended me until Jan 1, 2019. 


Here's the question: I am moving in one week from a hotel to a condo unit which is independently owned by a non-Thai national represented by a local realtor. I am trying to confirm the paperwork requirements for getting the extension of stay, and both the realtor and the condo owner do not really understand the process.


When I got my Non-O in Penang in August, to fulfill the housing requirements I submitted 1) a Thai National ID from the local hotel owner of my current residence, 2) a letter on the hotel's letterhead (signed by the manager), confirming the date I moved in and the end date of my current rental contract, and 3) a letter (written in Thai) which appears to be the Address Registration form TM30.


Given that the new condo owner is a non-Thai, the realtor only says she can provide his overseas passport. Also, for the landlord letter confirming my rental agreement (as was provided to me by my current hotel), will this be a simple letter from the condo owner, or a more formal letter from the condo building, signed by the condo manager, and on their letterhead? Finally, I assume the TM30 form will apply the same as at my current hotel...they just need to fill it out and provide me a copy.


As usual, it's difficult getting a clear answer around these technicalities, and hope to avoid a day at immigration only to find out the paperwork is not acceptable. Any input or clarification you can provide would be most appreciated.


Thank you!

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Immigration will almost certainly want proof of your address.


Usually with a Thai landlord a copy of their Tabien Baan and ID card, and/or a rental agreement suffices.

With a non Thai overseas landlord, the realtor should be able to supply you with a copy of their passport, copy of their Tabien Baan and a rental agreement.

The Condo management in some cases are responsible for filing the TM30 and they could also supply a letter confirming your address and residence.

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The realtor should 100% take care of this for you.

And, give you a receipt for reporting your new address to immigration.

Most realtors hire and agency to handle this.

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