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BANGKOK 13 December 2018 15:46
Jonathan Fairfield

A Gala Dinner with Frank Bruno in Hua Hin

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A Gala Dinner with Frank Bruno in Hua Hin

Bruno HUA HIN Revision ONLINE JPG.jpg


A Gala Dinner with Frank Bruno Ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. Bruno fought some of the best fighters from the modern era which included twice with Mike Tyson. 


Saturday 12th January 2019 630pm at the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort. 


This event is sponsored by leading property developer in Hua Hin Orchid Palm Homes (www.orchidpalmhomes.com).


Bruno will talk about his life in and outside the ring - from how it all started, how he won the Heavyweight Championship of the World, to some of the troubles he encountered away from the ring.


Event includes buffet and free flow of beer and two bottles of wine per table of 10.


Ticket prices 2,800 baht per person or 25,000 baht for a table of 10.


In association with Media partners and event organisers:
> Thaivisa-The Nation (www.thaivisa.com)
> Inspire Hua Hin (www.inspirehuahin.com) 
> Hua Hin Channel TV (https://www.facebook.com/huahinchanneltv/)


There will also be an auction on the evening where you can bid for some signed memorabilia from Frank Bruno too. 


It is going to be a super night, so get your tickets now to avoid disappointment as there is only so many tables for this event. 


Get your tickets now ring Dan on 086 155 2500 or email [email protected]



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I'd like to go, just so that when he says "You know what I mean" - as he surely will (ad infinitum) - I can reply "No, I don't know what you mean Frank, please explain".


Just to see if I get out alive.

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Thought the proceeds from this kind of gig was usually for charity.

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