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BANGKOK 14 December 2018 04:21

I want to learn basic welding so i can weld a table frame - who can come and show me?

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I bought a cheap welding set, i have my cutted steel bars (1/8th 3.2mm) and a steelplate (9mm) already lying around.

I have no clue how to start. i watched some youtube, but i still don't know what kind of electrode and how much amp i need to use.


Does somebody want to help me? I live in Bang Pli, Samut Prakarn, so best is you would around me somewhere. I could also come to you and bring all my stuff. In return i can teach you how to turn cool wood stuff on a lathe :)


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still need somebody 🙂


i tried myself but i just can't get the welding going. seems really difficult without proper technique.


photo of the thing i need weld together: parts are all cut alreadyC7A3UPV.png 



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Go and buy an "automatic" welding helmet, means you can see what you're doing before the arc starts. Also means both hands are free so you can steady the torch.


Practice on some scrap, 3mm electrodes @ 80A should get you going. Clamp the work to your bench so it doesn't move around.



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