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BANGKOK 12 December 2018 13:26
Thaivisa Web Content Team

Reverse Pinocchio – Researchers Find That Your Nose Shrinks When You Lie

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Pinocchio may be just a children’s fairy tale, but Spanish scientists at the University of Granada recently investigated the so-called ‘Pinocchio effect’ and found that our noses don’t grow when we tell a lie, but actually shrink a bit.


Dr Emilio Gómez Milán and his team developed a lie detector test that used thermography to tell if people were lying, and found that whenever participants in their research were being untruthful, the temperature of the tip of their nose dropped up to 1.2 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of their forehead increased up to 1.5C. Scientist also found that drop in temperature at nose level actually caused it to slightly shrink, although the difference is undetected by the human eye.


“One has to think in order to lie, which rises the temperature of the forehead,” Dr. Gómez Milán explained the findings. “At the same time we feel anxious, which lowers the temperature of the nose.”


For this study, researchers asked a number of 60 students to perform various tasks while being scanned by thermal imaging technology. One of these tasks involved calling a 3 to 4 minutes call to their parents, partner or a friend and telling a significant lie. Participants had to devise the lie themselves during the call, and the thermal cameras picked up this ‘reverse Pinocchio effect’ caused by the fluctuation in temperature in the nose and forehead.


Interestingly, the thermal lie detector picked up the temperature difference in 80 percent of test subjects, which is a better rate of success than that of any modern lie detector.


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So, if we tell a lie, our nose gets a little smaller? I do not believe that for an instant. If it were true, the face of a well known leader should have completely collapsed by now.

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Have always found the small noses of Thai's rather cute. But now I really start to wonder why their noses are so small?

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