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BANGKOK 13 December 2018 00:51

Where have all the Chinese gone? Thai media say TAT in denial about tourism numbers in Pattaya

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Where have all the Chinese gone? Thai media say TAT in denial about tourism numbers in Pattaya



Pictures: Sophon Cable


Thai media Sophon Cable TV has suggested that tourism officials in Chonburi are in denial about a crisis facing Pattaya.


They said that operators were reporting that Chinese visitors to Pattaya were down 60%.


But the Chonburi and Pattaya tourism reps were countering that this was not the case. 


They were putting a rosy spin on the reality.


While accepting that third quarter arrivals of Chinese in Pattaya this year were down on 2017 the situation could be explained in part due to less Chinese visitors coming on group tours, it was claimed. 


They said that increasing numbers of Chinese were now known as "FIT" travelers - that is to say they are organizing their own trips and are thus difficult to quantify. 


Sophon was reporting after a meeting at Garden Seaview Resort crunched the numbers and heard opinions. Present were TAT officials and local businessmen and operators. 


Some claimed Chinese visitors were down 60%.




Mrs Amphai Sakdanukoonjit from Chonburi Tourism and Sports said that last year 17 million tourists visited Chonburi and 14.6 million came to Pattaya.


Figures up to August this year show that there really isn't all that much difference in last year and this when it comes to tourist numbers and tourist spending. 


Though she conceded that safety - especially water safety - was of concern to the Chinese.


The meeting heard that 40% of all tourist deaths in Thailand were Chinese tourists.


Other measures like easier visa on arrival would help the situation, said Amphai. 


Others told the meeting that figures for tourism were up in the earlier part of 2018. But since then the drop off in Chinese tourism has meant a third quarter fall of at least 10-12%. 


The message was that while the overall 2018 figures don't look too bad something needs to be done to avert a crisis as the underlying trend now is definitely down. 


Source: Sophon Cable

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-11-16
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