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BANGKOK 13 December 2018 23:41
Thaivisa Web Content Team

Parrot’s smoke alarm impression was so good firefighters were called

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Firefighters are known for being selfless, brave people who save lives almost daily.


So when they get alerted to a potential house fire, they make it their priority to get there as quickly as possible.


But when one crew got to the scene of a suspected fire on Wednesday, they were stunned to find a parrot doing a very good impression of a smoke alarm.


Steve Dockerty, 63, was left baffled when fire crews banged on his door investigating the source of a ‘blaze’ at his property at around 3.45pm.


But it soon became apparent the cause of the emergency call was his pet African grey parrot Jazz.


The 17-year-old bird had sparked panic with his perfect impression of the smoke alarm at Steve’s property on Windsor Close, in Daventry, Northamptonshire.


Staff at the alarm company had called the homeowner after the smoke alarm was triggered for no apparent reason.


Operators heard the bird in the background and alerted Northampton Fire and Rescue Service who rushed to the scene.


Steve, a retired steel erector, adopted Jazz 12 months ago in order to give his other parrot Kiki, 16, some company and said he was ‘amazing at doing impressions.’


He said: ‘Every time the alarm goes off I get a call from the wardens and sometimes it goes off for no good reason.

‘This time they asked me if everything was ok and I said it was but they could hear Jazz in the background and called the fire service as a precaution.

‘The fire crew came around about 3.45pm on the Wednesday (14/11) and were a bit confused to say the least.

‘Then we heard the noise coming from Jazz and that’s how we figured it out it must have been him.

‘He’s a cheeky sod and likes to imitate things. He imitated the smoke alarm so well that they called the fire brigade.

‘All the while, Jazz was sitting in his cage laughing his socks offs.



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Some "happy" news for a change (at least for those of us not disturbed up by the ruckus!).

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