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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 09:15

Are Ajarn's "COL SURVEYS" fake?

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What do you think?  Some are beyond belief...there was one recently by a single mom that seemed extra ficticious.

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well, if you don't believe them, then that is what's important



it's just another twitter blogger...


which/when? was that Entry which concerns you the most? I couldn't find it...



some good photos there at times!

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It's a horrible website. Their is no original content and even less original thought. It's clearly stuck in a time warp. 


In the last few months it's featured some guy pushing a really dopey e-book. He is fronting cringey articles and that's all the new 'content' the site sees.


The blog about costs is ridiculously lame. What one person make and spends is entirely different than another. We have seen this discussion and bickering on TV for years.


The jobs are absolutely dreadful and their is no effort to cull sketchy jobs, part time jobs, jobs that obviously won't come with a work permit.


The website still refers to teachers as chalkies and is decidedly aimed at the TEFL flotsam. The website considers working in language centers teaching, it is only in the strict sense. Further, while there are perhaps excellent farang subject tutors, the average language center teacher (English) has sub par qualifications, experience and abilities related to a strong classroom teacher.


The website recently had taken 'Jack' to task for calling bullshit on a whine about working Christmas day. I think that poster is banned now. Further, any additional criticisms like Jack's do not appear.


In fairness to the website, it does or has allowed some criticism of itself and it's posters up to this point.


I have also noticed that gems that get posted around the internet might also magically appear as blurbs or short blg posts on the site.


I predict someone is going to swoop in and create a dynamite site for the foreign teaching professionals of SEA.


They've not posted a decent job in months.


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We do not permit name and shame threads.



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