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BANGKOK 10 December 2018 08:41

Moving money to Thailand

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5 hours ago, topt said:

The banks get 3 lots of commission instead of one...........:cheesy:

If your bank allows it then (as I am sure you know :thumbsup:) no benefit to you to split.

witch  bank you talking about that allows it ? and you sure you know ? 

and you said there is no benefit to split ? how do you know there is no benefit ? 

first at all you don't know witch bank we talking about in witch country and what are the commissions of that bank and what was the reason of the split , :burp: I think is time to you to go back to your hole , am so sure you know ssh  t   about banking          

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On Thu Dec 06 2018 at 4:47 AM, SunsetT said:

Yes, Transferwise is the best I have found in 12 years; the best rates and the best and fastest service with everything on their website shown clearly and upfront with no hidden fees. There is also no charge from my receiving Thai bank; Kasikorn, which Ive never enjoyed before having tried most other ways to transfer money over 12 years. And another important advantage with Transferwise is that if having booked a transfer, u opt for the 'send the money later' option the exchange rate is guaranteed for 24 hours, and even longer at the weekend. So if the exchange rate should dramatically increase during that time u can cancel the transfer and book another one to take advantage of the better rate. The last transfer I made I actually forgot to send the money to them within the 24 hours but sent it a few hours late. The rate had gone up a bit but not enough to warrant cancelling and booking another transfer, but they still gave me the increased rate! Good service eh? And If u use this link to sign up you will get the first £500 sent free.............




You may have to send your millions in smaller amounts but Im sure that if u contact them they will tell u the best way to do it. Good luck..........



sounds good i checked on their site.. BUT how about the receiving thai bank ?...i use krungthai...if they receive from transferwise will they charge me same as they usualy do around 1000 thb each time????

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