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BANGKOK 10 December 2018 08:38

AIS promotion

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I received an sms from AIS whose sim card I've had for many years, and decided to take up the offer from them for a KFC meal at 69 baht. I think you can guess what happened! I walked into KFC at Royal Garden Pattaya yesterday and showed the offer to the assistant and asked which meal it referred to. The answer was....don't know....not here. I usually disregard this type of promotion and now I know why....TIT! I'd love to let AIS know that their promotion is not being honoured but I don't know how, and perhaps it would be fruitless anyway. Has any body experienced similar?

I tried to upload a copy of the promotion but I failed!

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Did you bother to check the list of non-participating branches at AIS Privilege before rushing forth?

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Burger King at the cmx airport refused to honor a Samsung galaxy gift promotion too.... 


I don't know if it's store policy to make the decision or its supposed to be a nationwide deal 

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Probably the sales staff weren't aware of the promotion. Happens a lot.


I'm with dtac but probably similar to AIS. Airport locations can be excluded from their promotions. There can be limits on how many discounts you get per month and a limit on how many redemptions a company gives out per week. McDonalds have promotions where the fine print sets a limit of say 10,000 per week which for McDonalds means it can run out by Tuesday. My wife is with AIS and she sometimes goes to use these promotions and I'd say half the time she gives up as it's not worth the time spent waiting for the staff to figure out what to do, only to save twenty baht.


Mezzo Coffee in Bangkok have 10% discount for members but they don't issue a proper members card. Some of their branches do have a small card where they add a sticker each time you buy a coffee so you can later get a bonus coffee as well as the discount. The other shops you just give them your member number (phone number). Some staff play around on the register for a bit but don't know what to do. One branch now closed hardly ever gave me my discount, absolutely clueless, once even when my wife tried to explain, and despite signs on the tables and service counter promoting the discount... not worth arguing over what is mostly twenty baht but it is annoying. Same with trying to pay with a Rabbit Card at some places. Shop staff away from the Skytrain lines sometimes have no idea how to process it despite having a card reader next to the register... lack of staff training.


Here are some dtac discounts with all the conditions you find when you click on them. 




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