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BANGKOK 10 December 2018 16:59

หมั้น vs แต่งงาน

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What exactly is หมั้น? Some young kids in an ethnic Laos village are going to do a หมั้น ceremony due to the girl being pregnant. Neither have much education and are from poor families. I gather relatives from both sides will attend and tie strings on their wrists. But what threw me is there is a dowry as well for 2 baht of gold and 20000 baht. So how is หมั้น different than a wedding and why do some have them and others don't? And is there then a 2nd dowry at the wedding? I am struggling to understand why poor families would want to add the extra cost of the หมั้น ceremony.


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หมั้น noun. The gifts given to the woman’s side which serves as evidence of the man’s intention to marry. หมั้น verb. The act of giving หมั้น

แต่งงาน verb The ceremony of marriage according to tradition.

สินสอด noun. The money given to the parents by the man who intends to marry the daughter said to be the price of mothers milk and spoon feeding. ค่านำ้นม ข้าวป้อน

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