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BANGKOK 10 December 2018 10:15

Applying for an SETV in Yangon.

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Hi all, have booked to go to Myanmar January. After a nice ( I hope) beach holiday, i want to go to the Thai embassy in Yangon to get a visa. My first there.  History , I don’t do border hops, have only one extension. Is it easily done there ? 

I plan on going to the embassy early Monday 4 th February, pick up the next day Tuesday,  and my flight back to Bangkok is 10.30 am Wednesday. Does this sound ok ? This is what happens in most embassy’s in neighbouring countries , but on the embassy page , I read that one was advised to apply 5/ 10 days before travel ! Obviously a bit difficult .

Will this be doable , I don’t want to come back into Thailand without a visa. Thanks.

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I see no problem with your plans.

The 5 to 10 day before is just a suggestion.

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Apply in the morning on Monday, picking up your passport with visa the next day in the afternoon should be absolutely fine as long as you meet the requirements. I would suggest applying by 9:00 am so that, if you do not have all the documents they require, you have a couple of hours to get what is missing and apply again.


I just have one concern. Although February 4-5 are not public holidays in Myanmar, it is Chinese New Year. I think you should verify that the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon is not observing any holidays during that period.

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