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BANGKOK 17 December 2018 10:07

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At least 2 years ago, I read Thailand has a choice of railway sleeper types. 1. As now, made of wood ,cost 20$ each and last 10 years +. 2. Composite of rubber +concrete, cost 40$ each and last virtually forever. Which type will Thai Govt. choose. Please, think long-term and non- populist. Thank you

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They'll choose whichever one has a senior official who owns the production or stock of the type.


The fatest envelope rules!

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Rubber doesn't last forever in Thailand.


An hour ago i found my old slippers back, hadn't seen them for 2 year..they are all leather, brand Hush puppies and with a rubber sole.


When i cleaned them from dust some black pieces fell on the floor, i first thought it was mud but i couldn't clean it easy...then i felt the rubber sole and it was totally crumbly, could easy break pieces of it, even when i touched it pieces already fell off.


They had been in the kitchen on a low shelf in the shade for 2 years and were almost knew when my wife put them there.


So rubber in full sun, even mixed with concrete won't last forever...i won't believe it.

By the way also the elastic from my boxershorts desintegrates by age, after 2 years the elastic is gone..even when they just hang in my wardrobe...brand Pierre Cardin. Same goes for Triumph and Speedo swimgear in Thailand.

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