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UK minister Rudd says May's Brexit deal is best option

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UK minister Rudd says May's Brexit deal is best option


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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street, London, Britain, December 4, 2018. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls


LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's work and pensions minister Amber Rudd said Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was the best option and the only plan available for leaving the European Union, although she admitted a plan B might be needed.


Members of parliament look set to vote down May's deal on Tuesday, a move which risks hurtling the world's fifth-largest economy into even deeper uncertainty and leaving open a number of possible outcomes including a disorderly Brexit.


"The best deal we have is the one the Prime Minister's put forward," Rudd told BBC radio on Saturday. "There is only one plan."


May has said lawmakers must back her withdrawal deal or face either a painful 'no-deal' exit from the EU or possibly no Brexit at all, but Rudd said a 'Plan B' might be required.


"If it (May's plan) doesn't get through anything could happen: people's vote, Norway plus, any of these options could come forward," she said.


Norway is not an EU member but is in the bloc's single market, which allows for free movement of goods, capital, services and people. 'Norway plus' envisages Britain also staying in the EU's customs union, which Norway is not in.


Some pro-EU lawmakers, including in May's ruling Conservative Party, have also expressed support for a second referendum on EU membership, or 'a people's vote'.


Rudd said that even if May loses Tuesday's vote she should stay on as prime minister.


"There is no question of her going," she said.


-- © Copyright Reuters 2018-12-08

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 You always get the impression that Rudd is speaking strategically.  When May gets her deal rejected then the knives may well be out for her and I am sure she sees herself as a possible candidate for PM.  Time will tell but it will be interesting to see how next week pans out.

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By now it seems like there is no good option at all.

I guess for the economy cancelling Brexit would be best. But if it's cancelled (it doesn't really matter how) a huge part of the UK citizens will be really upset. They won't say all: Yes, we agree it's so much better that we stay in the EU.

So that are the other options: A hard Brexit? Even fever people want that one and it seems that would be like suicide.

Norway+? Recently I read a couple of articles from Norwegians and it seems they don't want the UK in the same club. That's another not existing option.

So what else?

Changing the current deal somehow a little and all will be right? No, that also no option.

So maybe May has a point. Her Brexit version is obviously bad. But there is no better Brexit version available and the other options are all very problematic.

It seems that is the result of two or more years telling the voters BS stories...

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