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BANGKOK 16 January 2019 08:18

buying new notebook and install ssd and ram later

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i am going to buy this one but first i have a couple of more doubts


1st one is the AMD radeon 520 which i was told is bad and also hard to update


2nd one is that it comes with no windows. Wgdanson you said it's easy to install windows by downloading it from microsoft website and then activate by buying a key on ebay. I was told that installing windows on a new laptop is preatty hard for a non expert user like me. You stated it was easy didn't you? 


buy it or not? mmmhhh...


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one more question,


i understand that ssd is better than hdd and for this reason i have only looked at laptops with ssd.


What about the combination of the 2? Asus vivobook for example has hdd sata 1tb + 256gb ssd. Is this one ok? Or is it still preferable having just ssd with no hdd?

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When it comes to GPUs now days it's pretty much either Nvidia or AMD Radeon GPUs. Nothing wrong with either.  Personally, I prefer Nvidia GPUs but that's justt me.....kinda like how some folks prefer Toyota over Honda....Android over Apple....Coke over Pepsi...Black or White...etc.


How much drive storage you need is an individual thing.  Whether you want all the storage on one drive or two drives or three drives....etc....is up to you.  Personally for a laptop I would avoid using a hard disk  drive (HDD) (spinning platter) type since it has mechanical moving parts that can get damaged when moving the laptop around, backpacking with it, etc.  SSDs are all electronic so nothing mechanical to break....jar it all your want.  SSDs are more expensive than HDDs, especially in the larger storage sizes.  A of people who have a lot of games, videos, big files like to store their operation system and core programs on their small SSD (like 256GB or 128GB) and keep they games/videos/big files on the much larger HDD since the HDD will probably have a more space than the SSDs.   Personally, I would look for a laptop that came with only a 500GB SSD and that's it....or buy one that only came with a HDD and just swap it out with a 500GB SSDs---but that's just me....storage needs is a personal thing, 


"Benchmarks-wise" PCIe SSD drives are faster than SATA SSD drives which are faster than SATA hard disk (spinning platter) drives.   But in real life in booting Windows, apps/games starting up, etc., you will notice very little difference between a PCIe SSD and SATA SSDs due to the nature of apps/games and since "many small" files are loaded which load much slower than large files even on SSDs.   Quite a few videos on Youtube comparing M.2 PCI SSD vs SATA SSD vs HDD in terms of benchmarks and actual real world loading/running of programs.  

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8 hours ago, 72BKK said:


As you may have noticed, both models have SSD connected via SATA and not PCI.


The ASUS S15 has an IPS screen, the DELL, TN.

IPS is better.


DELL screen is poor in colour reproduction and viewing angles. ASUS screen poor in colour reproduction.

DELL 51% of sRGB colour spectrum. ASUS 68% of sRGB colour spectrum.  With a good screen, expect 90%. So both poor.


Need to upgrade the DELL? Then you'll need to remove the keyboard.


ASUS, you'll need to remove ten to fourteen different sized screws.


Whilst it appears that the ASUS might have PCIe NVMe SSD, it appears that it is connected via SATA.


In conclusion, out of the two I would chose the ASUS, but only because the DELL is poor. Just budget consumer range, with a high spec looking CPU.


In fact they are both relatively poor, but with ridiculously high prices. 688 and 825 euros respectively. Ridiculous for a plastic laptop.


AS is usual, people fall for the headlines without delving into the details.


I purchased a second user top of the range DELL, full aluminium body, Full HD Touchscreen etc for half the price. Not even a scratch on it.





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