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BANGKOK 18 January 2019 08:21

The history of Sang Som and Sang Thip

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Im trying to piece together what happened to Sang Thip. I was here when it was readily available and remember all of the stories about how it was spiked with meth etc.. and I remember when it disappeared and heard the rumors about it being banned because of meth/ formaldehyde etc.... rumors I said. I also remember hearing the story that it had to do with two brothers who split up and competed with each other? Anyway if anyone knows the story or even pieces please let me know. And yes I know I'm going to have to wade through a lot of typical TV crap but can we keep it to a minimum I'm not concerned about what anybody thinks of either as a drink or if you think its whiskey rather than rum, I'm doing this as a piece of genuine research so let try and get to the facts. Thanks in advance.

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