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BANGKOK 18 January 2019 08:46

Three teens killed, three others injured in Roi Et road accident

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1 hour ago, ChrisY1 said:

I must remember....flee the scene and sober up!

So are you saying that you drive while drunk?

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17 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:


I agree that in many cases that motorcyclists are the architect of their own demise, whenever I driver I invariably 'save' a motorcyclist from injury as they cut me up and squeeze at speed through the slightest of gaps...


... I wonder if booze was involved?.... the whole acceptance towards 'fleeing the scene' here is abominable, those who do really ought to be charged with the most extreme penalty as in all probability they were drunk and caused the accident, otherwise, why flee the scene... (unless in cases where your own safety is at risk).


Could depend on who is in car with you? 

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